Data-Drivenness and Analytics for Operational Excellence

The Big Idea

“Data-driven” is a simple notion. We use our considerable feel for speed to maintain a steady 20 mph through a school zone, but still must use our speedometer, as presented data, to assure against speeding through the zone. At the same time, our car uses the data of its sensors to optimize the engine on the conditions through which we are driving. Data driven is to use the “intelligence” of the speedometer and the “data analytics” of the car’s computer to make us safer and environmentally friendlier drivers.

There are two challenges to being data-driven. First, becoming “data-driven-capable” by bringing all that is happening operationally to be data in tables ready to access for any imagined insight deliverable. Second, and contingent upon the first, evolving to weave all types of insight deliverables—system standard reports, intelligence and data analytics—into our operational decisions and activities.

Firms have a grassroot culture of operating systems, software and skills with which to quickly and virtually without cost become data-driven-capable. Upon becoming capable, firms will increasingly find to join intelligence and data analytic deliverables with organizational knowledge, experience and intuition.

This website provides explanation and direction for two primary aspects of data-driven operations—becoming data-driven-capable and weaving data analytics into operational function.